Virtual Heritage

example virtual heritage

What is... Virtual Heritage?

Virtual Heritage in my view is the study of the past by means of re-creating and exploring architecture and townscapes. A situation may not be any longer how it was, or how it was designed by the architect, planner, or the local inhabitants. With help from computerized techniques these situations can be reconstructed, and studied. In my work and studies there has always been much focus on this kind of historical research. Examples include the study of Renaissance Pienza, the Piazza Santa Santissima Annunziata in Florence, and the townscape changes of Groningen. Read more...


example GIS research

Geo and GIS, data and application

Geographical Information Systems help us to to store and analyze Spatial Data. What is the response time in case of emergencies on location A? Where are the white spots in market B in relation to a certain demographic question? How does polution spread over time? Many spatial questions, that contain a location component can be solved by GIS application when they have the right data, data with a x and y coordinate: Geo-data. In my research and consultancy work GIS, as well as getting the data enriched with a location component, has played an important role. Read more...


example webdesign

Content and Data and Style...

Our browsers get smarter, the web of pages that are linked grows. More and more data becomes available. Robots graze the web for new content without paying (full) attention to the presentation. Things we find important we stress by position, color, or font. When we browse this data we add a a style layer, but that is only for human beings. There is a lot of information, but how do we find the real answers to our questions. I have always been intrigued by how to present data visualy, and enriching data by making unexpected combinations. For example through webmaps; the combination of GIS and Webdesign. Read more...